A Different Strain Of Extract Company

A Respectful Approach To Cannabis Extraction

Our process starts by selecting some of California's world renowned cannabis flower offered by our very own professional cultivation community. We make sure that the cannabis that goes in to our products is properly cared for by working directly with our growing partners to ensure exceptional quality standards.

After selecting the cannabis that will become our unique distillate blend, our proprietary extraction process begins in our state of the art laboratory. Much like our growing partners, we work directly with our extraction facility to ensure our products meet all required aspects of quality and potency

We operate under strict health and safety standards and work directly with the state of California to achieve a quality cannabis extract.

Our products are free from Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Coconut Oil, Alcohol, and are made using a unique and potent distillate and terpenes found naturally in cannabis.

We package all of our items in child-safe packaging and actively working to design our packaging for a modern, eco-friendly society. We understand that a disposable product is wasteful, and all of our packaging and disposables are recyclable. As our industry grows we will be on the forefront of sustainable packaging breakthroughs for the entire cannabis industry.

Citizen Extracts is committed to a responsible and inclusive THC experience for adults 21+ without cutting corners and always with exceptional quality.

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